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Greg Talcott

Beat-Writer: Quarterbacks


Greg with HOF QB Warren Moon

Greg Talcott was born in Chicago and is a diehard fan of Windy City sports with the exception of the Cubs. Currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona; Greg has been involved in fantasy football since the early 1990’s when scoring was done manually with a newspaper, evolving into website which was run on a Geocities platform. Translation? He has been doing fantasy football for a long ass time! As a fantasy league commissioner for 15 years, Greg has racked up 6 League Championships and missed the playoffs a scant 4 times while running an auction based keeper league format. Greg actively follows the NFL with a focus on the Quarterbacks for

When not talking sports Greg is a writer focusing on the world of finance, geopolitics, and current events. Some of Greg’s likes are attractive women, beer, travel, and Aikido. Some of Greg’s dislikes are Kanye West, cancer, and world hunger.

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